Translating Your Numbers to a Story

If you have a new idea yet to be launched, a running operation ready to be elevated, or you are a distressed company that we can help relieve its stress, we are here to develop the financial attitude and aptitude of your new company

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Who We Are

Founded in 2018, Stride is a financial and strategy advisor, with a focus on startups and companies with high growth potential. Our main passion is supporting entrepreneurs build and optimize their companies to reach its maximum value and profit potential, and to see their vision materializing.

Whether it’s a new idea yet to be launched, a running operation ready to be elevated, or a distressed company that we can help relieve its stress, our main focus is developing the financial attitude and aptitude of companies as a foundation for sustainable business growth .

Our Belief System

Even though we mostly deal in numbers, our main goal is actually the people behind those numbers. Ultimately, it is you we believe in, so our partnership is based on the aim of providing you with the necessary tools and on-ground plans that can make your vision both attainable and sustainable.

What We Offer

Any future plan needs to have a solid base, or foundation, to build on. And this is where our financial models come in, ensuring that our forecasts and, subsequently, our plans, are able to stand the test of time once implemented.

In order to assess your company’s actual performance, as well as its performance potential, our financial services help us both understand the right way forward in terms of financial decisions, before heading into the business plan and implementation phases.

Analysis of existing financial performance

This allows us to assess your project’s viability, while optimizing your data for sound operational and investment decisions.


We apply different valuation methods to value your project after building the desired forecasts. It’s built with the aim to approach investors and other stakeholders for fundraising purposes, as well as for your exit strategy or sale of equity.

Financial Forecasts

We forecast your project's financial performance, given the macro and micro conditions, and translate it to various financial statements to show your expected numbers.

Break-even Analysis

This is where we calculate and examine the safety margin of your project, based on the estimated level of sales necessary, to cover your company's total fixed and variable costs.

Financial Scenarios

We run different scenarios using key financial assumptions. This allows us to evaluate possible events and decisions, as well as their outcome on your financial performance.

The translation of your business with its potential to the eye of an outsider, be it an investor or distant partner, is key to communicate your ideas clearly and relevantly. We understand the importance of this step in order to secure funds, raise capital and introduce your business.

Executive Summary

We provide a one page overview of your company, along with its products and services portfolio, and briefly explain the market and financial considerations.

Strategy and Implementation

This is when we combine all our findings, and work with you and your team to translate those ideas into executable actions, through a business model that’s inclusive of sales, marketing and operational strategies and key success factors.

Company Profile and Unique Value Proposition

Because we work with you closely, we’re able to describe your company and your vision, along with its mission statement and business structure. Together, we answer the questions: what are you actually offering and how are you solving a problem/need for your market?

Detailed Financial Plan

By combining our collective knowledge and expertise in accounting, finance and business metrics, we create an abstract representation of your company, and a forecast of its financial future. This helps show the impact of our strategic decisions and plans on the financials, so that we can confidently move forward from there.

Industry Analysis

In order to ensure your positioning is relevant for your industry, we outline the market dynamics, key industry drivers, and define your target market and competition.

To investors, it’s all about how different your vision is, and how you can showcase its uniqueness. It is our understanding of investors that’s made creating a unique pitch deck our specialty.

With our previous experience as debt and equity lenders, we speak their language, and work on drawing their attention to the business’s most attractive KPIs, whether it is its current ROI, short payback period or simply its growth potential.

We include all the important information that showcases the solution you’re providing to the market, or the need that you’re satisfying with your business. We also work on showing how this need or solution can be met with an agile team that has the know-how, the right operations, and is adaptive when it comes to market changes - which are important factors for investors. In addition, we highlight the factors that show your true business potential such as the monetization strategy and business plan.

Our unique modus operandi allows us to become your partners, and we love sharing with you everything we know to ensure you can continue on the right path. We offer mentorship to business owners, along with your core team and employees, on how to plan and strategize for your next move, and how to ensure that your company is built with the right values in mind, from the inside out.

Why We Do It

Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure that, as business owners, you are making informed decisions when it comes to taking the next steps towards growth.

Team Work

By working together as one team, Stride empowers your leadership teams with the knowledge, frameworks and the accountability needed to help you achieve your audacious goals, because we believe that everything is achievable when you set your strategies based on calculated decisions

Meet Our Team

Dalia El Atrash

Financial Advisor

After an eight-year career path in the banking sector, with a focus on risk management and corporate credit, Dalia brings valuable insights to her clients on ways to plan for, finance and sustain their businesses, while remaining true to the fast paced, bootstrapped nature of startups. Over the last few years, she has shifted her focus primarily on early stage and growth stage startups, across a range of verticals from direct to consumer retail, to startups competitions, and logistics-focused startups. In addition to her technical prowess, Dalia’s strength is being a super connector; constantly building connections between entrepreneurs, investors and service providers.

What Clients Say About Us


Maged Negm

Stride is one of the best services provided by Falak Startups. They were hands on throughout the company valuation process where they got to dig deep into all details. They were also able to help us brainstorm various aspects for the business. They not only created a financial model, but they also validated most of our assumptions.

Little Blessings

Ahmed Roushdy


we have been working closely with Stride to work on our overall financial model, company valuation, and financial forecast. They did dive into every single detail of how we operate , our short and log term plans, and they were able to help put us on track to make sure we achieve all our strategic goals both on the operational and financial levels while making sure we do things in the best way possible


Ahmed Saafan

Business Lead

“We have worked with Stride on several tasks and we are very satisfied with the outcomes. The team was always keen to learn more about our business and how they can help us. Working together for nearly a year, our account was handled in a very professional way and we are happy to work with Stride team again in the near future.”


Mohamed Deif


“Being at an early stage of our startup, stride has been really helpful in guiding us through our financial forecast and business plan. A team of dedicated, young professionals re-structured our financial model & structure & came up with a professional business plan that helped us secure our first fundraising round. We wouldn’t have made it without their tremendous efforts.”

Joe Trade

Nevine El Sharkawy

Sales Executive

“They are flexible -The are always on time -They deliver a newly based model FAST -They dwell in all details to make sure nothing is missing! -Great Caliber to work with.”

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